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Over three hundred former Iraqi detainees have filed or are filing federal lawsuits against private contractors, CACI International Incorporated and L-3 Communications (formerly Titan). These are the two companies whose employees participated in torturing persons held at detention facilities in Iraq, including the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. These lawsuits seek to hold CACI and L-3 accountable for their participation in torturing plaintiffs, all of whom were innocent civilians mistakenly swept up in military raids and subsequently released without any charge. The first suit, Saleh v. Titan, was filed over 4 _ years ago and is on appeal to the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The victims’ counsel (Burke O’Neil LLC, Center for Constitutional Rights, Akeel & Valentine PLC) is continuing to file additional lawsuits across the nation.

The artistic interest in and support of these cases over the almost five year period has been overwhelming and continual. Filmmakers, authors, a playwright, photographer and artist through their respective mediums have brought the plaintiffs’ experiences back to the United States in creative, powerful and sometimes unexpected ways. To learn more about the cases, please visit and /or