Chris Bartlett Studio

about the site

The purpose of this site is to bring together the various forces, both artistic and legal, that are working to alert the world of the extent to which the treatment of detainees in Iraq is not only legally and morally abhorrent but also undermines the very character of our nation.

At the center of this project is the legal work being done by Susan Burke and her associates of Burke O'Neil LLC in Philadelphia, the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, and Akeel and Valentine in Detroit. The cases are described in the "about the cases" section below.

In an effort to spread the word of the injustice and to try to engage people in the subject matter, Susan has brought in artists from various media to help tell the story. This site attempts to be a place where those voices can be heard.

Chris Bartlett is a commercial still life photographer in New York working primarily in the areas of fashion magazines, catalogues, and advertising. Chris's commercial work can be seen at wishes to thank Rob Haggart at for hosting this site. wishes to thank Chuck Kelton of Kelton Labs, NYC for the beautiful black & white silver prints.